My Favorite Scoop – Zohair Ahmed

This article shows how GMO’s may save chocolate from becoming sparse and expensive. More and more chocolate lovers are being born in India and China, causing a increasing demand of chocolate. Cocoa trees are plants that bear their fruit 5 to even 10 years after being planted. This long period will not be able to sustain the demand, as more and more cocoa plants are being attacked by diseases and insects. This pushes people to turn to GMO’s to make the cocoa trees resistant to diseases and insects they are being attacked by. GMO’s are a major topic of unit 5.

Unit 5- GMO’s

GMO’s have negative effects as well as benefits, it is just a matter of importance. GMO’s may harm people in the long run, but also may save foods such as chocolate, and may also help achieve MDG goals such as reducing malnutrition. As more and more yield is created by GMO’s, more people will be able to get enough food.

luscious chocolates of Belgium


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