Isabella’s Favorite Scoop ~Human’s Staggering Effects of the Earth~ Isabella El-Hage

These pictures from the book “Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot.” really give a close up look on the negative impacts humans have had on the environment. The pictures may seem extravagant and immensely large at first glance, but when you take a closer look you see the real devastation and destruction that has occurred due to humans over doing everything. The pictures show large plots of land barren and dry from over plowing, farming, or oil drilling. Another picture shows a horizon of never ending hills completely covered in homes. There were two pictures that stood out to me the most. One was of the dead bird carcass rotting outside, and what should have been bones, were pieces of trash and plastic the bird had eaten. The second picture was of a surfer surfing in the ocean, but instead of crystal blue water, he was surrounded by trash and debris that was floating in the ocean.

These pictures relate to Unit One, Nature and Perspectives, and really all of the units in Human Geography because it really shows the detrimental impacts we’ve had on this earth from trying to over do everything, and really opens your eyes and shows that over doing really isn’t all that great.




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