Interesting Scoop – Tori Denney

Vintage type from the Center’s re-created Yiddish print-shop display.

Unit 3 : 13 Yiddish Words We All Say : 
My insight: “Language and communications – Languages have shifted throughout the years and created many slang words to communicate. English is the Lingua Franca of the world, but has grown up from many other branches of languages. We use many everyday expressions from unusual sources, for example the Yiddish language. This language was the primary language to the Ashkenzazi Jews, and is today, only a primary language spoken by select groups of ultra-Orthodox Jews. For example, we often use the word “glitch” or “glitsh” (literally meaning “slip,” “skate,” or “nosedive,” which was the origin of the common American usage as “a minor problem”), plus many others from all kinds of varying languages.”

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