Favourite Scoop- Raychel Johnson

A rooftop garden in France


This article talked about the new law passed in France that stated that all new commercial buildings must have either solar panels or plants/a garden of sorts on their rooftops. This will help collect energy, reducing the carbon footprint, as well as prevent excessive runoff, which prevents the overuse of the sewage system. I found this really interesting because it’s a very innovative concept, although lots of countries and cities are moving towards becoming environmentally conscious and friendly. I think my favourite part of this is the fact that it’s not saying that cities are bad, and all cities harm the environment, I think it’s combining the idea of a modern, high technology city, with environmentally aware and forward thinking ideas. Although this occurs in some cities, making it a law is going to change how people live in France, and hopefully, this will be implied in other countries as well.


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