Favorite Scoop: Solar Roads




The changing roles of energy and technology

This article is about the first solar road/bike path, which was installed in the Netherlands and is doing better than expected.

The idea for solar roads did not originate in the Netherlands, but they were the first to implement it. Rather than installing solar panels on rooftops, bike paths and roads are an efficient use of space. With world population on the rise and energy consumption rising with it, the energy provided by solar roads could by instrumental in environmental preservation and clean energy. While inventions and innovations such as Smart Phones, potential of productivity has started to increase as well as energy consumption. The solar roads are a new use of energy and technology to solve problems caused by inventions that were meant to solve other problems. The problem with solar roads, as always, is the cost. To make the panels durable enough to withstand constant traffic over them is expensive. It would also prompt the massive undertaking of improving general infrastructure of a country before the solar panels could be implemented. Finding the funds for such a project would be a challenge, but would the solar investment be worth it?


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