Favorite Scoop Post – Mistakes in Urban Planning – Evan Margiotta

Unit VII: Cities and Urban Land Use | Human Geography | Scoop.it

The article above (http://www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/cities-with-the-worst-urban-planning-jakarta-dubai-and-dhaka-top-our-list)  delves into the mistakes and mishaps in urban planning to decide what are the worst-designed large cities in the world. On the list: Jakarta, Dubai, Atlanta, Naypyidaw, São Paulo, Boston, Brasilia, Missoula and Dhaka, were deemed, for various reasons to be the worst designed cities in the world. From lack of general infrastructure to deserted streets, all these cities have an overarching flaw. Interestingly enough, two of these cities, (Naypyidaw and Brasilia) are forward capitals. What irony that they would turn out so badly.

Urban planning and development are important components of the urban discussion in human geography. As seen from the article, a lack of or flaws in urban planning can lead to disastrous consequences. Moving forward sustainable development and new-urbanism, especially in industrial, and post-industrial countries is key.


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