Favorite Scoop – Emily Coats

Young Village Women are Fighting to Save India’s Endangered Tigers- 

  site: http://sco.lt/5WSmlV

picture: https://qzprod.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/thomas-vijayan-tiger-running-tadoba_dsc9937.jpg?w=940


This article discusses the achievements of many young women, born into traditionally patriarchal society, and their persistence regarding the protection of India’s tigers. The young village women of the Pench Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) are constantly working to fight poachers and preserve endangered tigers in India. Their crusade to protect Pench, a forest spread across 1,921 sq. km between Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, has been very difficult. The fight has not been easy for anti-poacher groups, but progress is slowly being seen. These women are strong and respected by their communities for protecting their ancestors’ forests. This change in tradition, from poaching to preserving, reflects the differences in cultural attitudes and practices towards the environment in order to protect culture. I found this article extremely interesting, due to the demonstration of courage and strength that these young women possess. Also, the fact that the men in their village were extremely supportive towards the women protecting the forests. The women of the STPF of Maharashtra’s Tadoba and Pench Tiger Reserves were honored at the Sanctuary Wildlife Awards on Dec. 5th, 2014, being commended for their immense efforts to protect the endangered tigers of India.  


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