Favorite scoop

video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r43yCiKlbCo

scoop link: http://sco.lt/7fU8zR 

This scoop was really enjoyable to watch because this really young little girl knows more geography than me! Her parents taught her the location of all the countries and they ask her to point out certain countries by memory and she has no problem whatsoever. She points them out on a giant map and its really cool to watch because she can barely talk, yet she knows where all the countries are. This relates to Unit 1 because it is basic geography.


Key geographical skills

Unit 1 ∙ Nature and Perspectives of Geography

This scoop is about a little girl named Lilly that is amazing at geography. She can flawlessly point out countries on a world map. Her young age makes this video very shocking. Lilly’s parents ask her where the countries are, and she simply points at them on the map without hesitation.

This video relates to our class because we recently went over world locations. Our summer reading was about how some people have a gift with geography and maps. Lilly clearly has a gift with maps at a young age. I am afraid she knows more than I do!


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