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Kaiden-Leigh Cloete’s insight:
This article ties into the unit of culture, it is the answer to as why all nail salon artists are Vietnamese. The reason why so many of the nail artists are Vietnamese are because so many of them had fled the country and lost everything. Hedren just wanted them to have a good life. Tippi is an actress who had visited a Vietnamese refugee camp 40 years ago and as said earlier waned to give them a better life by providing them with jobs. However not all had stayed in the business but a lot have. One of Tippi’s works is by Yan Rist, “Tippi got me a job in Beverly Hills so I could make a lot of money,” Yan Rist said. “I worked on Rodeo Drive – but I am a refugee and I didn’t dress well at the time. All the rich women coming in – they didn’t want to try the newcomer. Every day I went to work it cost me $8 for the parking. Eight dollars for parking! In 1976!” Hedren had also helped her to get a different job

Picture of scoop:

The reason I chose this scoop to be my favorite was because, fashion and art are some of my interests, and being a nail artist connects with those interests. I thought it was a very interesting thing to learn about the backgrounds of some of the immigrants who are apart of this business and what a generous thing Tippi is doing for these people by actually providing them with this job to help them be a little bit more stabalized.


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