Up to 4% of Rhinos might relocate to South Texas Favorite Scoop- Logan Haller

rhinos_0This article deals with unit 2 because it discusses population and migration of Rhino’s. There are only 25,000 African Rhino’s left in the wild today. This is significantly lower than in 1970 when there was 70,000. The dwindling of rhino’s is due to poaching.Three rhino’s are killed every day for their horns. The rhino’s horns are worth $90,000 for one once and on average a horn is 4 ounces. On a continent the average income a year is $1,700 killing a rhino for over 350,000 dollars could be worth breaking the law to some of them. An action to preserve the rhino’s os moving 1,000 of them to Texas. The organization intends to adopt them into homes. The adoption will require a background check, but it is not easy to raise a rhino either. First it is very expensive and it can grow up to 5,100 pounds 5 times the average cow. This is a plan that is not fully worked out yet but if if could save the rhino’s by putting them in Texas the article says it is worth a try.



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