Kiva Persuasion Kacee Conway-Malott

I believe that we should donate to this anonymous woman due to her unfortunate circumstances. She moved to the tropics with almost nothing and was able to work on other’s farms until she saved enough money to now live on her own farm and build a life for herself. She is only 8% of the way to her goal but is desperately in need of our help.

When her son was injured in a motor vehicle accident it took almost all of the family’s savings (husband, wife, 4 kids) to help cover the medical expenses but her son still needs a leg amputation due to the muscle tissue damage that was caused. Her son has been undergoing many treatments to help improve his situation but the family’s savings are extremely low and they ,may not be able to afford treatment for much longer.

This woman is extremely hard working and was able to create a life for herself but she needs help to care for her child. I don’t think that there is any better reason to help someone financially than for the purpose of helping their child get out of a hospital and learn to walk again. This anonymous woman needs our help, and although we cant get her to the $4,525 more she needs I know that the little bit we do donate will help in more ways than we can imagine.

woman in need of our help to save her son


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