Kiva Persuasion Ethan Bernick

I believe that we should donate to Nassira from a Mali. Nassira is a member of myAgro which is an agricultural group whose goal is to eliminate poverty and help rural farmers sustain themselves and sell their products. She is 44 and the mother of seven kids, ages ranging from 6 to 23.

Nassira wants a loan of $225 to fertilize her land and purchase new farming equiptment. Her primary crop is nuts which are easily consumed and are a staple in her diet. She finds that her primary problem in producing nuts is poor soil and insufficient equipment.

I believe that Nassira is the right person to donate to because she has a long term plan for success that starts with fertilizing her land. She then plans to purchase a plow with money she makes by selling her excess crop. I believe that with our help Nassira can succeed and be able to better support her family.


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