South Sudanian conflict by Shane Cook

He is an allotted area of some of the conflicts in South Sudan and areas where UN aid are sheltering refugees.
Here is an allotted area of some of the conflicts in South Sudan and areas where UN aid are sheltering refugees.

The South Sudan conflict is an ongoing civil war between the government and opposing militia groups. On the evening of December the 15th of 2013 fighting broke out after the opposing groups representatives voted to boycott the meeting of the National Liberation Council. After the votes, the president sent orders to his general to disarm certain troops in the barracks which erupted fighting after continuous questioning and revolting which lasted several days. After claims of the revolt being a coup, or attempt to over throw the government fighting had broken out in the capitol of Juba and regions around it. Fighting continues til this day.

Actor #1: A huge part of why this convict started was because of the Nuer ethnicity revolting against the government by disobeying orders. The government targeting and seizing Nuer homes, violating their rights as citizens is a major igniter for the conflict. The Nuer people want to be free from this persecution.

Actor #2: The government on the other hand feels they are trying to defend their current government because they think that people mainly the Nuer people were planning to over throw the government.

I suggest that a way to insure peace for many decades to come is to allow a meeting with South Sudan president Salva Kiir and his government representatives to meet with the rebells leaders to hopefully negotiate peace, this will all have UN supervision of course in case of a repeat of December of 2013.


One thought on “South Sudanian conflict by Shane Cook

  1. I strongly agree with your suggestion for peace. I feel like the government needs to be a little more lenient towards their people, and the people need to better respect their leaders. A peace talk is a great way to compromise a solution before things continue to get violent. I also think the UN should continue to keep an eye on them and make sure no more fighting occurs in the future.


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