North Korean Conflict by Michael Amberg

  The conflict with North Korea has been going on since 1950, when North Korea (supported by the Soviet Union and China) attacked South Korea(backed by the United Nation and the US). The conflict was immediately called an act of invasion and the heavy tensions between North and South Korea began.

Today, North and South Korea are still in disagreement. South Korea protects its lands and people, while North Korea tries to break in constantly. There is a border between North and South Korea that is known as the DMZ (de-militarized zone). The area is constantly guarded by both sides who are not allowed to speak to one another, and are ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. Still, North Korea a has made “invasion tunnels” into South Korea, even though only 4 have been found, it is believed that there have been at least 20 more made since 1990 when the last one was discovered.

Key institution #1

One of the major causes of this conflict is the North Korean government. North Korea is considered one of the most secret, and corrupt country in the world. Their leader, Kim Jong Un, dictates the citizens with an iron fist, hiding them from the rest of the world and hiding the rest of the world from them with by allowing no contact with technology and other states. The people are also brutally beaten and kept in what seems like concentration camps if one has committed a crime, which could be as simple as looking at the supreme leader wrong (Kim Jong Un).

Key Institution #2

The people of North Korea know nothing of the possibilities for them in other countries, and the government tells them lies about how their country is the greatest country in the world. They also tell lies of their supreme leader to make him superhuman, such as when Kim Jong Un was born, a star and rainbow appeared, or the first time Kim Jung Un played golf, he scored a perfect 18. The people must agree with these and accept them as facts or face extreme punishment if they don’t. They are beaten into submission and are sometimes killed when stepping out of line.

Solutions for peace

To bring peace to this nation, I suggest that we enforce a military presence in South Korea to put a tighter leash on North Korea. I also suggest we attempt to air drop supplies secretly to the North Korean people. If in 10 to 15 years this situation hasn’t cleared up, the UN should overthrow the North Korean government  for crimes against humanity to bring safety to its people.

Here is the DMZ between North and South Korea, with troops guarding both sides.
Drawn by a man who escaped the concentration camps, he depicts a brutal story of the hell they were forced to live in.
This depicts the executions constantly going on in North Korea, when combined with the famine and poverty, it is theorized that over 3.5 million people have died since 1990.

4 thoughts on “North Korean Conflict by Michael Amberg

  1. Michael I think your post was very well written. I think you provided very good views from both sides. I think that if this conflict continues continues the UN should send delegates and stop the unfair treatment of the North Korean people. I also think that there should be a strong military presence on the border of North and South Korea so if North Korea ever tries to do a hostile takeover of South Korea it will easily be stopped.


    • I think you summarized everything perfect and were to the point about exactly what is happening there. The North Koreans have no choice to free will and each day that they live there is a chance of dying. I agree that if this has not been stopped, the U.S. needs to get involved with weapons and strong military to end what should’ve a while ago.


  2. Way to be blunt and straightforward! Even though the things happening in North Korea are horrendous, I still find it intriguing to hear and read about them. I actually just watched the extra credit video on North Korea, and near the end they talked about how more and more North Koreans are becoming aware of the outside world, and though they say they believe that he’s a God, most don’t actually believe it, and don’t voice it in fear of being killed. I think your idea of dropping is supplies is a good one, and I liked how you included the photos to back up what you were saying.


  3. The Actions that are performed by North Korea are brutal and unacceptable, I am surprised the U.N has not already taken at least a minor sense of action. The actions that North Korea performed(s) is also a violation of Humanitarian laws. I felt that your suggestion was strong, and was reasonable as well, for the citizens of North Korea should be able to explore more of the world and be able to thrive in life, rather than be under a dictatorship that is extremely corrupt and false. Great Post BTW!


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