Kosovo by Kacee Conway-Malott (Political Conflict Independent Project)

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Kosovo is a partially recognized state in Western Europe that claimed it’s independence in 2008. On February 17th Kosovo was named a sovereign nation. (how cool anniversary of independence on the day this is due!!!) Kosovo fought for it’s independence due to ethnic division with Serbia. They fought until NATO was forced to step in and made the Yugoslavian government withdraw their troops. Because Kosovo is not recognized by several states, it is not allowed to be a member of the UN. Although the war has been over for nearly 16 years many refugees are still fleeing illegally into UN country’s to seek better economic structure. Many refugees are able to reach Hungary, where from there they are able to travel border patrol free mostly to Germany. Almost 26,000 Kosovars requested asylum in the last year alone, although the UN does not count economic hardship, no matter how severe, as a need to seek refuge. Nearly 30% of the population lives in poverty.

Albanians are one of the major ethnic groups within Kosovo. They viewed the separation of Kosovo from Serbia to be entirely just and therefore, Albania was one of the first country’s to recognize Kosovo as a sovereign nation.

In 2008 when Kosovo had first declared their independence Serbia refused to recognize the state, however as years have gone by the nations have had increased dialogue and have begun to work together in many ways. Serbia has recently recognized Kosovo as a sovereign nation.

I believe for Kosovo to become a better state it must focus it’s efforts on it’s economy so that the population is not seeking refuge in many other states. I also believe that for peace and for Kosovo to succeed more than the 58% of the UN needs to recognize Kosovo as a sovereign state.


3 thoughts on “Kosovo by Kacee Conway-Malott (Political Conflict Independent Project)

  1. How might Kosovo improve their economy if their workforce is seeking asylum in other countries? How can the government help to bring people back to the state?


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