China-Taiwan Conflict or the One China Policy by Barrett Baughn

Part I. The Conflict

In 1911 the Kuomintang took control of China and created The Republic of China after the fall of the Ching Dynasty. Then World War II started and they were at war again but now with Japan. After the war in 1945, China reclaimed Taiwan from Japan and gained a spot on the UN Security Council. Years later the communist party rebelled in China, they lost many times but were persistent and eventually one, pushing the Kuomintang to Taiwan and creating The People’s Republic of China (mainland China). After this war in 1949 there was much conflict between the Republic and the People’s Republic of China to who really controlled China and who gained the seat on the Security Council. In the 1970s it was settled that the People’s Republic of China aka present day China got the spot on the Security Council. Today the topic is still widely debate whether China or Taiwan is China or if Taiwan should be its own sovereign state or be a province of China.

Part II. The Positions

Republic of China’s or Taiwan’s view on this is that the People’s Republic or modern China took China with nothing but brute force and they want to be recognized as China and be its own sovereign nation. At this point Taiwan knows it can not win a war again the PRC so it is looking for a diplomatic way to become a sovereign nation. They are also waiting for the Chinese Communist party to collapse so they can get a real chance of taking China over again. Taiwan is furious about small countries recognizing the PRC and not the RC because of how they believe the communists have ruined Chinese cultures and traditions, such as simplifying their language.

People’s Republic of China’s view is that they threw out the Kuomintang and they deserve to be China and own Taiwan as a provence. China has actually threatened Taiwan with thousands of missile direct towards Taiwan in case Taiwan declares a revolution, but the US has been funding Taiwan with military aid to make sure China does not do so. Another reason people typically acknowledge the People’s Republic as China is because they have a very threatening army and a veto power. Though the PRC knows it can do nothing against Taiwan without triggering a massive war it still seeks to take complete control of Taiwan for they do not want democracy to come back and rule China once again.

Part III. The Resolution

I believe that there is nothing that can be done in this moment and time to peacefully give both sides what they want. I believe we should just wait to see if the communist party of the RPC will collapse. Though if they do not, I believe they should both be separately called China and Taiwan and that they should both get veto rights on the UN Security Council. This will cause much conflict such as constant veto wars but it allows Taiwan to become their own sovereign nation and it allows the RPC to be fully recognized as China.

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