British Imperialism-Altaira Wallquist


Above is a map of all of the countries Britain has invaded by force. Britain has invaded over 90% of the 200 or so countries on the planet.

The first thing you need to understand about British imperialism is that there have been two British empires. They are one in the same, although one comes after the other. They are commonly referred to as the “First” and “Second” British empire. The British Empire was nicknamed the empire on which the sun never sets. This was due to the many colonies that the empire had, so many that the sun must be shining on at least one of them at any given time.


The British Empire made its mark in influencing and developing the world by colonization.  The first british Empire was mainly focused on the thirteen colonies that existed in America. The British had travelled to America in the Age of Discovery that took place throughout the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries. They travelled there and establish what soon came to be know as the thirteen colonies. The british were also trying to colonize Asia at this time. Fights and wars broke out between England, France and the Netherlands during the seventeenth to eighteenth centuries. England came out on top and became the dominant colonial power in India and  N. America. There were a variety of factors that led to the downfall or decline of the first British Empire. The beginning of the end began with the independence of the thirteen colonies in 1783. The First British Empire was from 1583-1783.


The thirteen colonies, these were the main focus of the First British Empire.

The Second British Empire was quite different from the first. With the lost of the american colonies, britain was forced to colonize other places. Britain did manage to gather a variety of new colonies. The british did however still fight with America, There were a variety of fights that broke out. one of the most important and deciding fight was that of the war with Napoleonic France. At the time the only rival to the british was Napoleon. The british were forced to use  many of their resources to fight this war over ideology. THe war was a tugh and trying one but the British finally won in 1815. The last defining characteristic of the Second British Empire was the beginning of the abolition of slavery with the Slave Trade Act in 1807. The Second British Empire was from 1783-1815.


Napoleon, the focus of the second British Empire was the war between them.

The next thing to take place was the world wars. They had a resounding negative effect on Britain and practically left them bankrupt, hover they managed to pull through. Britain made it through however it lost its title as a major power in the world, Many of their colonies soon gained independence however Britain still owns territories throughout various places.

My suggestions for peace are to just let them be for now. They have not fought violently and appear to be working well with the territories they have and they have not invaded areas trying to colonize them violently.


2 thoughts on “British Imperialism-Altaira Wallquist

  1. Depending on the want or need for the territory the response could vary. Britain fought a lot in response to the American colonies trying to leave and gain independence, however that was in previous years, hopefully Britain would let them leave in peace or give them a reason to stay and it would not lead to conflict. If it was in Britain’s favor they would probably help them too become a successful state, probably trying to make them an ally in the process.


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