“The Unholy War” Central African Republic, Kaiden-Leigh Cloete

On March 2013 there was a Muslim Rebel coalition Séléka snuck into riverside capital, Bangui from the northeast. President François Bozizé had fled as a vicious campaign of looting, torture and murder. Michael Djotobia, the leader of Séléka then soon proclaimed as him being successor. Michael Djotobia would later lose control of the ranks he has and an attempt that gal to disband them, this would do little to stop atrocities.

During this conflict, there had been groups of militias formed called anti-balaka, they were then trained to retaliate against Séléka. The name means “anti-machtete” in their local Sango language. The soldiers are comprised of Christians and animists who think magic will protect them. Months of attacks led to two days of street warfare that December leaving hundreds dead in the capital and an international community scrambling.images

Anti-balaka the armed group of vigilantes spent months trying to rid Central African Republic of most of its Muslims, Many claimed to have been exacting revenge on Séléka. There was a disbanded coalition made up of mainly Muslim rebels who staged a coup over a year ago and initiated horrific abuses such like rape, torture, and random killings. These things were largely against non-Muslims.

Tens of thousands of Muslims have fled to Cameroon, Chad, and Democratic Republic of Congo. Muslims who haven’t fled to those areas have either been forced to leave or killed. A French photojournalist with the name of William Daniels spent much of his fourth trip  since November, covering the impact of the conflict on people in the capital, Bangui, and the northwest.

This conflict as you can see has sparked other conflicts. I think the government should at least try and stop this conflict because it could still be gong on without anyone knowing. Having people go against their own people is wrong and having people kill each other due to not having the same religion is wrong. I believe everyone should be able to have the right to express their own religion without conflict breaking the freedom.


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