Current Events- Gareth Jukes

  •   Massive Fire Shuts Down Freeways In Los Angeles
    1. A huge apartment complex under construction near Dodger Stadium was in flames early Monday, closing two major highways that intersect nearby
    2. .More than 250 firefighters are responding.
  • 6 Arrested For Looting Antiquities From Israel’s ‘Cave Of The Skulls’
    1. Israeli authorities released a photo of a 2000-year-old lice comb that was captured along with the men.
    2. These men were accused of stealing where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.
    1. Hagupit, now a Tropical storm, forced more than a million people into shelters when it hit.
    2. At least 21 people are dead, and their are many more wounded.

Question: How were the men who stole things from the cave caught? Also, considering how many houses were destroyed in the storm, will the government help build houses for the homeless, or are they on their own?

Sources: NPR News

Gareth J

3rd Period


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