Current Events

Audrey L CNN Dec 7, AM

1. Charles Barkley creates a stir in black community by calling Ferguson rioters “scumbags”   2. The famous rapper attests that no one should have the right to vandalise, even if inane injustice is in the works.                                                                                                                            3. When do we draw the line with riots, and what role does race play in our perception of Ferguson?

1. Noah Jones, a South African comedian, appeared on the Tonight Show, claiming that inequality in both race and income in the US is worse than in Apartheid South Africa.                2. The average white person in 20th century South Africa owned 13 times more than a colored person, while a white American now owns 15 times more than an African American.  3. What can our government do to lessen this unbelievable gap?

1. Hungarian president following a similar political path to Hitler and the Third Reich.                2. The Hungarian government recently enacted legislation hindering freedom of expression, targeting homosexual rights, and anti-semetic wording. Three neo-nazis were decorated.         3. Is this really cause for concern, or is Hungary falling under balkanizing social patterns?


One thought on “Current Events

  1. I really like your question on your first story. I believe that drawing the line in riots is a very hard thing to do (obviously, based on how they are still going on), but I believe that what is needed to stop this is something that will be very difficult to find. Something that no one has thought of before. Also, I think that race does play a role on the perception. This is because the fact that, simply, majority of the white people believe the cop’s actions were the correct approach of the situation, while the majority of the African-Americans believe the opposite. But, the certain change in perception is unknown.

    Reagan M.


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