Current Events

•Al Qaeda threatens to execute British-born American citizen in Yemen.

–Militants released a video of hostage Luke Somers pleading his life, saying that he was kidnapped by gunmen in 2013.

–Somers was working as an English teacher and photographer in Yemen.

•Australian Senate backs migrant reforms.

–Senate narrowly approved the use of temporary visas for refugees, allowing them to work there for 3-5 years.

–Some 30,000 asylum seekers have tried to reach Australia by boat since August of 2012.

•Super Typhoon Hagupit strengthens as it nears the Phillipines.

–Ten of thousands of locals are moving away from coastal areas.

–Many are or were still temporary shelters from Typhoon Haiyan a year ago.

Souce: NPR News

Why are temporary visas so controversial?

Caroline R

3rd Period


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