Current Events – Reagan M.

1) Police helicopter finds huge swastika in bottom of pool in Brazil. 2) The helicopter was assisting in a kidnapping investigation this week when officers spotted the symbol on a property in Pomerode, Brazil in the southern state of Santa Catarina. 3) Police said he won’t get charges because it is on private property. Also, they said that the homeowner, who is not identified, is not promoting Nazism.

1)Two men arrested in deaths of Honduran beauty queen and her sister. 2)The bodies of the sisters have been missing for several days, were found on top of each other. 3) The kidnappers, Plutarco Antonio Ruiz Rodriguez and Aris Valentin Maldonado Mejia, are now in police custody. Also, Ruiz was one of the kidnapped person’s girlfriend.

1) Colombian rebels release general held hostage for weeks. 2)Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos says rebels released a top general and two other hostages in perfect condition. 3) The general commands a 2,500-soldier counterinsurgency group.




3 thoughts on “Current Events – Reagan M.

  1. One thing I found interesting was the swastika on the bottom of the pool in Brazil. That seems a little crazy. You did mention, however, that the artist is not being charged because it was private property and that he wasn’t promoting nazism. This may be because of its two different meanings. The original swastika was a symbol of good luck and prosperity to a few religions. But during World War II, the sign was inverted and used for the Nazi cause. Maybe it was a symbol of the original version and not the swastika associated with Nazism.


  2. Yes, the swastika is pretty crazy. Although I understand the historical context of this symbol, I don’t understand how the owner of the pool could not face charges as a Nazi sympathizer. The Honduran story is very sad as well.


  3. I find it really interesting about how the swastika was found in the bottom of the pool. Although it was the symbol of Nazis during WWII, as Caroline said, before that it was used as a symbol for good fortune and well being. It could still mean that the owner supported Nazism, but even today people still practice it and follow the beliefs, so it shouldn’t be that much of a shock to people in the area.


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