USA Folk vs Pop Culture


Folk Foods- One example of folk food is Gumbo deriving from the Cajun people in Louisiana. They where one of the first to use crawfish, other shellfish, and rice in their meals. Another example of folk food is Amish food. It consists of just home grown foods and crops not processed with many other things.

Pop Foods- One example of american pop culture food is McDonald’s. Founded in 1955 they have thousands of stores all over the US and even world wide. Another example of pop culture food is KFC. Originating from Kentucky there are also thousands of stores across the US. Both of these consist of being fast food restaurants.

Unknown-1  250px-Flag_of_Acadiana.svg Cajun Flag


Folk Art/Music- One example of folk music is Amish music. It is mostly German in origin and consists of hymns derived from Pennsylvanian German Culture. Another type of folk music is bluegrass music. It includes banjo and is from eastern states like Tennessee.

Pop Art/Music- One example of pop music is electronic music. Being fairly new and very popular on many radio stations, electronic music is changing everyday but reaching all corners of the US. Another form of pop music is Rock, consisting of many bands like Green Day and Beatles. These bands aren’t just all over the US radio stations but they are broadcasted all over the world, reaching out farther than the borders of the US even though they started here.


Folk Clothing- An example of folk clothing is wearing of the cowboy hat. It originates from most country states and southern states and is big in rural areas. It is also popular in Texas. Another example of folk clothing is the wearing of long black clothes. It is worn by the Amish in north east states such as Pennsylvania.

Pop Clothing- One pop culture clothing in the US is skinny jeans. It is worn by many people, mostly teenagers throughout the Unites States. Another clothing example for pop culture clothing is the wearing of Nike Elite socks. These socks go past your ankle and to the bottom of your calve in all different designs. Even though they were made for basketball, many kids wear them because they are popular in style and are “cool”.


Folk Shelter- One example of a folk shelter is Modest Cottages. These originated from the Cajun in Louisiana. Another example of folk shelter is the log cabin. Mostly in northern states, log cabins are common in tall treed forrest. Log cabins are progressively getting bigger over time.

Pop Shelter- One example of pop culture shelter is the common two story house. Consisting of two bedroom widows at the front of the house, many people live in one. It is everywhere throughout the US. Many neighborhoods will have the the floor plan of a two story house for the entire neighborhood. Another pop culture shelter in the US is the apartment. Throughout the US apartment complexes are bursting at the seams for more buildings. A real world example can be all the new apartments getting build just down the road from our school.


Folk Technology- One folk culture of technology is the ban of technology. This is mostly in the Amish society. Another example of technology is horse and buggy. While the most common form of transportation in the US in cars, small societies like the Amish use this form of transportation trying to preserve their culture.

Pop Technology- An example of pop technology is the use of cell phones. Companies are making millions by producing cell phones. Once a new one is made, everyone must have it. It spreads like a wildfire throughout the entire US. An example of this is the iPhone 6. Second, gaming consoles are another pop culture trend in society. Just like cell phones, everyone must have the newest version as soon as it comes out. Gaming has become very popular in society. Once a new console comes out, just like cell phones, it hits the headlines alerting everyone to get the new and improved.


Folk Beliefs- The Apache is an example of folk beliefs. They are a small Indian tribe with their own set of belief systems and do not accept any other beliefs. Another example is the Amish in Pennsylvania. Again, they have a strict belief system to preserve their culture such as technology bans.

Pop Beliefs- One example of pop beliefs is the practice of Christianity. Over half the population in the US practices this. Not only that but about 1 third of the entire world population(7.4 billion) practices this as well. Freedom is another pop culture belief in the US. This is what this country and the government is based off of. The constitution grants rights and freedom to any US legal citizen.



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