United Kindom


Folk Culture Pop Culture
Food* An example of UK folk food is fish and chips. It is french fries with fish. it is a common food that can be found almost anywhere in the UK. An example of pop culture food is Wendy’s and Taco Bell. In a variety of surveys, people said these were their favorites.
Art/Music Some examples of UK folk music are blues rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, hard rock, punk rock, Bhangra, electric folk, folk punk, acid jazz, trip hop, shoegaze, drum and bass, grime, Britpop and dubstep. A few genres of pop culture music in the UK are progressive rock, and alternative rock.
Clothing The folk dress in the UK is similar to the US i that they wear suits, dresses, various jackets, pants, shorts, and shirts. Pop culture clothing items in the UK include jeans,  t-shirts, and various accessories such as over the shoulder purses.
Shelter Houses in the UK are varied in size and shape. They can be two stories and rectangular with few additions or extremities, they can have many additions, more than 2 floors, two chimneys, but they are generally made of brick or something similar to it. Pop culture housing in the UK is brick housing, with two floors. Beyond that, the houses are varied in their layouts and looks.
Technology Most houses in the UK have access to televisions, and many people in the UK have smart phones, tablets, and e-readers. Pop culture in the UK is mostly technologically advanced with a few exceptions. People are walking around with iPods, tablets, and things, with their biggest concern being WiFi strength.
Beliefs At the moment the most common form of belief in the UK is Christianity. Following Christianity is Islam along with various other religions. Pop culture beliefs mainly center around Christianity with lower level of other religious practices

clothes-ukFISH CHIPS

music-ukUK house


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