Syria’s Culture

Syria’s Culture

Folk Culture Pop Culture
Food* A traditional Syrian dish is kebab.

another traditional food is ka’ak,

which is a cookie like food normally

eaten with cheese.

Popular syrian dishes are very

much like those in Turkey, Lebanon,

and Palestein.

Art/Music Syria is one of the oldest centers

of Christian Hymnody, often called

a Syrian chant.

Dabka, a form of dance music, is

popular in Syria along with other

similar styles.

Clothing Traditional dress for men in

Syria is a white cotton shirt

with blue, black, and red detail

around the collar and chest, and

colored or non-dyed pants. Women

traditionally wore a tho, which is

a dress with triangular sleeves.

Sometimes with embroidery around

the neck, chest, and sides.

Most women in Syria wear a dress called a

Abayah. This dress covers from their

shoulders to their toes. With the Abayah, they wear

a head dress that covers the entirety of their head

and has a face mask that only reveals their eyes.

Shelter The traditional beehive house

is made from mud and is designed to

keep out the heat from the harsh sun


Many homes in Syria are now made of

common building materials, although there are

some areas where all that remains of the old

houses in some areas is rubble, due to the

bombings from the current cival war.

Technology Traditional technology has a

hard time reaching real parts of

Syria, even with today’s modes of


The more popular kind of cell phone in

Syria is the android because it is often less

expensive than Apple’s iPhone.

Beliefs For many centuries different

religions have grouped together

in different areas of Syria.

Almost 87% of Syria’s population follows

the Muslim religion.

Rubble from the civil war
Rubble from the civil war
Map of Syria
Map of Syria
Typical lunch dish
Typical lunch dish

Women in traditional dress
Women in traditional dress

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