Spain’s Culture by Ethan Bernick

Folk Food-

Tumbet is a traditional Spanish dish made of vegetables including sliced potatoes, aubergines, and red bell peppers pan fried in olive oil. Sometimes this dish is served with fish or another type of meat. It is topped with tomatoes pan fried in garlic and is eaten in bowl.


Tortilla de patatas is an egg omelet served with potatoes. Some regions of Spain put onion and garlic in it depending on where you are.

Pop Food-

Tapas are Spanish foods that consist of many appetizers including olives and shrimp. One can eat tapas at one of the many tapas bars located in major cities around Spain.

Churros are long doughnuts coated in sugar and cinnamon that are sometimes dipped in melted chocolate.


Folk Art/Music-

Flamenco- An intimate dance performed to a serious and emotional form of music.

Art- Spanish art is greatly influenced by Italy and France and produced some artists that are still known today such as Pablo Picasso.

Pop. Art/Music-

Antoni Tapies is known for his abstract art using thick fabrics and textures.


Enrique Iglesias is currently number one on the billboard hits list in Spain with the song “Bailando”

Folk Clothing-

Spanish capes and corsets

Farthingales are hoop skirts made out of whalebones, cloth, and caged wire worn underneath clothing

Pop Clothing-

Springfield is a high end popular brand from Spain

Pull and Bear is a more affordable and casual Spanish brand

Folk Housing-

Wooden, small houses

Brick houses (usually tan or white) with chimneys

Pop Housing-

Modern housing in Spain is made up of box-like pieces put together in different ways and not many rounded features.

Usually chic colors like white or black.


Folk Technology-

Expert guitar crafters


Water wheels and Windmills

Pop Technology-

Inventor of the modern stapler

Innovations on helicopters

Folk Beliefs-

Strictly Catholic

Some believe that one must cap your chimneys or else witches will get in

Pop Beliefs-

Also heavily influenced by Catholicism


Jews, Christians and Muslims live in close quarters with little to no conflict


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