Polands Culture


Folk Culture Pop Culture
Food* 1.It is rich in meat, especially pork, chicken and beef, winter vegetables, and spices.

2. Šakotis is a cake that is baked by painting layers of dough onto a rotating spit in a special open oven or over an open fire is a popular dessert during holidays and for festivals.

1. McDonalds is one of the leading fast food restaurants in Poland.

2. Indian food is also very popular. There are many Indian restaurants in Poland.

  1. Sung poetry is where songs consist of a poem (most often a ballad) and music written specially for that text.
  2. Pisanki – traditional decorated eggs.
  1. Heavy metal music is one of the most popular genres in Poland. There are many sub-genres such as death metal, black metal and thrash metal that has emerged from heavy metal.
  2. Techno music.

1.  Women wear long, colorful skirts with ribbons and printed with large flowers.

2. Costumes such as the Łowicki outfit are traditional outfits for many religious events, festivals, and special holidays. It is considered the most beautiful and the most representative Polish outfit.

1. Many people wear jeans, suits, modern dresses, and modern shoes. 2. Warsaw is considered a fashionable European city, so some of the newest fashion trends can be found there.

  1. Dwór; small houses on the country side made of wood.
  2. One story wood bungalows. Many houses were small and made of wood. Gothic style houses were also built.
  1. Most modern Polish houses are excellent, both for living in and for running a business with large contours and definition.
  2. Tall apartment buildings and modern household appliances are being adopted.
  1. Kerosene lamp is a type of lighting device that uses kerosene as a fuel.
  2. Aeroscope was a type of compressed air camera for making films,
  1. Television and many American stations such as Cartoon Network and HBO.
  2. Cellphones.
  1. The crossroads in Polish mythology are a sacred and magical place where both divination and invocations were uttered.
  2. About 90% of Poles are Roman Catholics.

1. Many other religions such as Methodist, Muslims, and Jews.

2. Diffusions of culture causes Poland to adopt many different religions and breeds of religions due to changing beliefs and values.



McD Breakfast
Packaging from a McDonalds in Poland


Traditional Łowicki outfit.



Šakotis baked and decorated for a holiday.
Folk culture housing
“Pisanki” or decorated eggs
Vader, a popular death metal band in Poland



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