Japan Folk vs Pop culture

By: Christian Kasberger

Folk Culture Pop Culture
Food* An example of traditional Japanese

food would be sushi. Which is basically

raw fish on a plate.

An example of pop culture foods

in Japan would be McDonalds and KFC.

Art/Music Some Japanese Music consists of

the Japanese shamisen, snakuhachi, and the


Japanese Pop culture music consists of J-Pop

(Japanese Pop) and Japanese rock.

Clothing An example of traditional Japanese dress would be

the kimono which is a long full length robe that

people wear.

Japanese pop culture clothing is a very mixed variety

of clothing varying from “Western Fashion” to clothing

normaly seen on European catwalks.

Shelter An example of traditional Japanese housing

would be the kusakabe style house which is

normally built in the city of Takayama.

The Danchi would be an example of pop culture in Japan

which is really an apartment complex.

Technology The Tartar system would be a great example

of Japanese folk tech because it is how the Japanese

made their swords.

Nintendo products would be a good example of Japans

pop tech because Japan is where they make all of those


Beliefs 84 to 93% of Japanese people adhere

to shinto or Japanese buddhism (those who do

believe in something).

Today About 84% of Japanese people claim to not believe in



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