Italy’s Culture

Folk Culture Pop Culture
Food Polenta, Pasta e Fagioli, and Risotto are just a few of the folk foods included in Italy’s rich traditional cuisine. McDonalds, KFC, and other various fast food chains are all very popular.
Art/Music Arabic, African, Celtic, Persian, and Slavic influences are present in their folk music.

Pottery, Tapestries, and Glasswork are a few examples of folk art.

Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, and Rap are some of the popular music styles in Italy.

Pop art is very popular and two of the best Italian pop artists are Enrico Baj and Mimmo Rotella.

Clothing Intricate embroidered dresses with bodices were worn by the women. Men wore pants and shirts also with embroidery and a lot of detail. Popular clothing brands include Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci and many more. Italy is one of the leading countries in the fashion world.
Shelter Trullo, Villas, and Villages are all folk housing types. Depending on the region different types of housing styles are popular. Villas, chalet style, Tuscan style, apartments and Mediterranean style houses are all popular.
Technology In Rome there is a complex system of aqueducts. There are also very advanced sanitation systems, roads, and buildings. TVs, phones, and computers are all very common and popular technologies.
Beliefs Catholicism and Witchcraft are two folk beliefs. Roman Catholic and Christianity are both popular religions.
Italian Pottery
A Roman Aqueduct
An Italian Villa
Traditional Italian Clothing
Traditional Italian Clothing
Pasta e Fagioli

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