Ireland’s Culture Folk VS. Pop

Ireland’s Culture

Food-          Folk Culture-

                     Steak and Guinness Pie- A traditional Irish  meal of steak, potatoes and beer.

                     Beer Bread- A traditional bread made with beer, flour, baking soda, and sugar.

                     Pop Culture-

                     They have adapted to many other foods, like the happy meal

                      and mcnuggetsfrom mcDonalds and KFC.

Art/Music- Folk Culture-

                     Some Irish folk music consists of the Irish   Fiddle, the Irish bouzouki and the Irish Flute.

                      Pop Culture-

                       The Irish have obtained pop music and some forms of heavy metal in their time.

Clothing-    Folk Culture-

                     Irish clothing consists of an Irish kilt for men and a white shirt.

                     For woman, green dresses.

                      Pop Culture-

                      Some popular clothing inherited would be our normal everyday clothes.

                      Jackets, jeans, yoga pants, etc.

Shelter-       Folk Culture-

Old houses that were made of rock and straw. Most towns had pubs, what we call bars.

Pop Culture-

Houses today are mostly two-stories, and look like our houses today.

                       They have also been inspired by english farms.

Technology- Folk Culture-

                        Most technology was found on farms because they needed tools the most to work the

                        fields  and plant the plants.

                        Pop Culture-

                        Their technology is up to date with other countries around the world, like

                         ipads, iphones, and easier farming tools.

Beliefs-     Folk Culture-

                   Cathocalism- the belief of Christ and one God

                   Aetheism- no beliefs in any religion

                   Pop Culture

                   Judaism-this religion was brought from different countries, an  example being Isreal.

                   Protestantism- a form of Christian faith and practice. Originated in France.

Created By: Gareth Jukes

An Irish home.

Irish Steak and Guinness Pie.

Irish clothing.

Irish farm tools.


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