India’s Culture by: Emily Coats

INDIA’S Culture

1. Biryani: aromatic rice dish cooked with spices and a marinated protein, perfect for a large family dinner
2. Idli: A heavy South Indian breakfast food, fermented batter of ground rices and lentils
1. Taco Bell and 2. Mcdonald’s are 2 heavily dispersed fast food chains throughout India

1. ART: The use of henna (a.k.a. Mehndi) is described in the earliest Hindu Vedic ritual books, and was traditionally used for only women’s palms and sometimes for men. Women in India use henna for festivities such as weddings and traditional ceremonies. Today, the use of henna has diffused globally.
2. MUSIC: Indian classical music can be found in the Vedas, the oldest scriptures in the Hindu tradition. This music is elaborate and expressive. A famous classical singer is Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
1. Popular western music can be heard in India, as well as classical western music. India created its own professional symphony orchestra until 5 years ago to expand the appeal of western classical music in India
2. Many dances from all over the world can be seen in India, such as the Tango

1. A traditional indian female garment is the saree or sari. It is a piece of cloth that covers the majority of the body and varies in color, fabric, and styles
2. Traditional Indian male clothes are Lungi, Kurta, Sherwani, and Dhoti. There are also many different turbans such as a Dastar, worn by the Sikh community of India.
1. American clothes are present in India, however it is polite to “dress conservatively,” especially in religious areas
2. French clothes also appear in India, and many online french clothing websites deliver products to India.

1. There are many traditional palaces in India, such as the Agra Fort, former royal residence of the Moghul, Agra
It is common for extended family members to all live in one home, forming a joint family.
2. There are also many small huts in Indian villages, such as in the village of Neriga, India.
1. India embraces architectural concepts from across the globe, and many homes, such as in the suburbs of New Delhi, are very modern.
2. In Beaumonde, India, there are many high-end modern apartments

1. In Neriga, India, the village only recieves 8 hours of power per day, and no generators. 2. Also, they do not have access to computers or the internet.
1. Suprisingly, cell phones have spread and become popular in the village of Neriga,India. This very underdeveloped village has begun to obtain modern day devices such as cell phones and 2. some villagers have even taken computer courses.

1. Respect is very important during everyday life in India. Children AND adults must always respect their elders
2. Indian people seek harmony throughout life, because they are concerned with “cosmic energy” These beliefs tie into religion as well (mostly Hinduism)
1. Traditional Hindu texts praise very large families, but now many Indians are using contraceptive methods in order to have smaller families.
2. Similar to the rest of the less developed (as well as some developed) countries, India is fighting for women’s rights. The idea of gender equality and women’s rights has been globally diffused.






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