Folk/ Pop Culture – Denmark

Denmark’s Culture

_69I0019  demark clothing

harbor in denmark  

Folk Culture Pop Culture
Food 1. Usually eat healthy and are conscious of what they eat2. alcohol is large part of the culture, legal drinking age is 16 1. Rice pudding Christmas Tradition2. Burger King
Art/ Music 1. lullabies and jigs, songs in depicted water and boats, aspects of their culture and holiday traditions 1. Pop music and rock, songs in English2. Theatre Arts (after WWII) and Lego (was actually invented in Denmark)
Clothing  1.dresses/ vests and ties2. everyone wears hats/ bonnets 1.jeans and t-shirts2. hair worn comfortably/ lack of coverings
Shelter  1.colorful houses along the water2. cathedrals and castles of brick 1. apartments/ condos2. lots of windows (view)
Technology 1. Hansen Writing Ball2. Fiberscope 1. cameras2. cell phones
Beliefs/ Values 1.      Hygge,  humor, and  irony are the mentality2.      downplaying of achievements, known as Jantelov  1. Their holidays are centered around the Christian calendar2. appropriate to keep animals at a zoo

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