Folk and Popular Culture- Russia

41nJ1z-WI6LAn example of a Russian Nesting Doll.

apec-russia-2012A traditional mens dress in Russia.

dachaA Traditional dacha in Russia.

191626171Skyscrapers in Moscow, Russia behind a traditional  church.

Folk Culture Pop Culture
Food* Pies with cabbage and other pies with green onion and eggs.

Specially cooked  buckwheat with butter.

McDonalds is a popular food chain in Russia.

Pizza Sbarro a American pizza chain in Russia.

Japanese chains are also very popular now.

Art/Music Russian Folk Songs for example “Kalinka” and “Podmoskovniye Vechera” (Evenings near Moscow).

Russian “Matroshka”  (nesting dolls) and laqued boxes are a traditional form of art.

Popular music now is the same as in the West, what is popular in the U.S. is popular in Russia.

Russians like impressionist art very much (came from Europe). Examples include: Monet, Degas and Renoir.

Clothing In the past traditional clothing was a long sleeveless dress with a shirt underneath and with a “Kokoshnik” headpiece. It was Sarafan and it was for girls.

Boys wore high boots wide linen pants and a long cotton or silk shirt that you tied a skinny rope.

In the USSR jeans were not available so now everybody wears and enjoys jeans.

Italian designer brands are now popular to see on the streets.

You will see a lot of Russian children with English writing on their shirt.

Shelter Traditional houses were made of wooden logs with wool/dry grass in between each logs to insulate the houses for the cold winters.

In the cities there were stone buildings with small windows, the richer people had the opportunity to have stone buildings.

Now there are skyscrapers dominating much of the city as what is happening in many other places.

Now there are many suburbs in Russia and people work in the city and live in the suburbs.

Technology In the past farming dominated much of Russia and many people used scythes.

The plow was another traditional technology in Russia.

The smart phone is a popular technology but some people still use flip – phones.

The car is  another popular technology that changed life by a lot.

Beliefs Before the revolution in 1917 Russia was a very religious country (christianized in 980)  and then after religion was prohibited until the fall of the Soviet Union.

Russians were very superstitious before the christening of Russia because they were all pagans.

People started to believe in democracy that came from the West after the fall of the USSR.

After the fall of USSR when religion became legal many people go to church and most Russians are Russian Orthodox.


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