Bolivia’s Culture

   (similar to a Home Depot in Bolivia)  

Bolivia’s Culture:

Folk Culture Pop Culture
Food* 1.Chuño


1.Sprite and Fanta

2. Pollos Copacabana (fast food; burgers and fries)

3. Starbucks

Art/Music 1.Mestizo Baroque

2. Tarka (indigenous flute)

1.Justin Bieber

2.hip-hop music

Clothing 1.pollera (pleated- skirt)

2. tocados (headdresses)

1.Levis jeans

2.Forever 21

Shelter 1. mud and root houses

2. “totora reeds” houses

1. “neoclassic” style houses

2.rectangular fashion (open patio in the middle of house)

Technology 1.irrigation canal

2. insulation




Beliefs 1.Animist



2.Bahai believers


***Fun Facts***- Bolivia banned all McDonald’s restaurants  in 2002, because it’s a “threat to humanity.”

“The Bolivian government is so anti-Western that the clock on the constitution building in the city of La Paz is anti-clockwise.”


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