Austrian Pop v. Folk Culture

Folk Culture Pop Culture
Food* Austria is globally renowned for it’s excellency in cultural cuisine, included the highly misunderstood Wiener Schnitzel, or breaded veal, and the Doner Kebab, which reflects Turkish culture from the Ottoman Empire. Pizza Man pizza is Austria’s favorite fast food chain along with McDonalds, where a Viennese man bit into a Big Mac with a dead mouse inside, resulting in cardiac arrest, and ultimately, his death.
Art/Music Glassburning is a common form of art in Graz, where skilled artisans weld glass with colored beads. Thomas Larcher also embodies the unique minimalist classical music found in Austria having invented a piano model which uses pebbles to alter its sound. Nena’s 99 Luftballons number from the 80s, originally from Germany, is a well known and loved piece in Austria. Gustav  Klimt represents the influence impressionist art had on Austria, as everyone in the world is familiar with his work.
Clothing Lederhosen and the female reciprocal Drundel are very prized cultural traits in Austria’s dress. Walking through Vienna or Salzburg, an American tourist will feel at home in the sea of skinny jeans and sunglasses.
Shelter Alpine country homes, characterized by large balconies overflowing with flowers and ornate railing designs, are still very common in rural Austria. Similarly, Danube barn-homes found on the river banks are highly admired shelters, with entire websites dedicated for tourists seeking escape in the Austrian river valley. Apartments and dorm rooms for college students are easy to come by in Austria.
Technology Horse-drawn carriages are a common mode of transport in Innsbruck, and many still attach fur to the bottom of their skis for a hike up and a ski down the mountains, sometimes delivering goods to isolated locations with this technology. iPhones are very popular in Austria, and almost everyone owns an automobile.
Beliefs Austrians are known for leaning to the left side of politics, and a socialist government strongly influences these values. Austria also has a high suicide rate, which is one factor of their non-material cultural trait of introverted tendencies and lack of compassion. Appearance-oriented people are found all over in Austria just as they are in America, with makeup sale rising steadily each year. Austria is also predominantly Catholic,a religion which has been diffused across Europe for  centuries.

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