Argentina’s Culture

Argentina’s Culture

Folk Culture Pop Culture
Food* Beef is commonly eaten in many

parts of Argentina. The cut of beef

you can find differs depending on

the area you visit, although, beef is

often served along with chimichurri

sauce. Chimichurri is made with garlic,

parsley, vinigar, and red pepper flakes.

Chipá is a small cheese flavored roll often

eaten as a snack. Churrasco is any type of

beef sliced extremely thin and cooked over

hot coals or and extremely hot skillet.

Art/Music The music of Argentina is largely based

around tango, which was developed in

Buenos Aires. The country’s capitol, and

is the southernmost city in the world.

Mercedes Sosa is an artist who

has contributed mostly to the genre

of nueva canción. Argentina rock has

also greatly contributed to the music


Clothing Traditional clothing for Argentinian

women consists mainly of a brightly

colored floor length skirt, and a short

sleeved white blouse tucked in. Traditional

wear for men normally includes

bombachas (a type of pant normally in black,

white, or beige), a poncho, and boots.

Many people in urban areas wear the

same clothing styles that you can see and/or

find people wearing in North America or Europe.

Shelter At least one with of people in

Argentina lack housing with indoor

plumbing (toilets and running sinks).

Traditional houses are often made from

wood and have grass roofs.

Many homes and apartments in cities, like

Buenos Aires, are high rise and made from

concrete and glass. Suburbs traditionally have

more homes, while the closer in town you go,

the more high rise apartments you will find.

Technology Many people in rural Argentina do not

rely heavily on technology. Most people

in rural Argentina are still gauchos, or

cowboys. They spend most of their time

riding on horseback and tending to their cattle.

Most technology in Argentina is based around

medicine, nuclear technology, biotechnology,

and others.

Beliefs Many Argentinians direct their

prayers to the spirit of a 19th

century gaucho.

Most Argentinians are Roman Catholic.

Argentina's landscape
Argentina’s landscape
Argentina's map
Argentina’s map

Popular culture
Popular culture

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