Folk Culture vs. Pop culture of Sweden


Folk Culture: Smoked meats, cream sauces, and Swedish meatballs.

Pop Culture: Rose hip soup and blueberry soup (blåbärssoppa), also many types of meats with lingonberry jam.


Folk Culture: Fiddles, spelmanslag, and Mazurka

Pop Culture: Rock or Heavy Metal. pop band ABBA started in Sweden


Folk Culture: Women wear long black skirts with white shirts while men wear long pants and long sleeve shirts.

Pop Culture: Many dress as we normally would, with the latest “trends” or whatever else is modern.


Folk Culture: Old houses that would almost look like barns, thick walls to help with the temperature in winter.

Pop Culture: Small, passive houses that are very eco friendly.


Folk Culture: Had many boats powered my wind and also by men, farming equipment used basic farming techniques with a plow.

Pop Culture: About half of Sweden have cable TV, Newspaper is still the most popular way to receive information.


Folk Culture: Most followed Norse Paganism, or believed Norse “mythology” (Thor, Odin, Loki, Etc.)

Pop Culture: Lutheran Christianity is practiced by 66% of the population, 5% is Islamic and the other 29% practices other, or no religions.


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