Cloete, Kaiden-Leigh 3A Namibia’s “Folk Culture and Pop Culture.”

I chose my “Ping” country which is Namibia. I chose to do the “Folk Culture and Pop Culture” on this country because I am very curious what there is more to learn about Namibia. I have done some research about the food, art, music, clothing, shelter, technology, and beliefs.

Food Folk Culture:

  • “Potjie Kos”- a mixture of meat, vegetables, sauce and small things you want to add.
  • “Biltong”- it is a lot like jerky as known in the United States but, it is not as processed. It is basically meat that is seared in spices and dried out to become “biltong.”
  • “Veldt Bread”- bread that is baked over an open fire in the field.

Food Pop Culture:

  • “Paella”- which is a mixture with chicken and seafood added with sauce and vegetables.
  • “Chili and Avocado Dip”- which is a dip mixture with Chili’s and Avocado.
  • “Chicken Skewers”- which is a skewer with pieces of chicken dipped into a sauce baked in an oven.

Art/Music Folk Culture:

  • “Herero People’s”
  • “Otjieherero”
  • “Kwassa Kwassa”
  • “Ancient Rock Art”
  • “Traditional Transitions”
  • “Landscape and Wildlife”

Art/Music Pop Culture:

  • “Hip Hop”
  • “Reggae”
  • “R&B”
  • “Landscaping”
  • “Rock Art”
  • “Paintings”

Clothing Folk Culture:

  • “Traditional Clothing”
  • “Victorian Styled Clothing”

Clothing Pop Culture:

  • “Red Barret”
  • “Yellow Suits”

Shelter Folk Culture:

  • “Huts”
  • “Teepees”

Shelter Pop Culture:

  • “Brick Houses”
  • “Wooden Houses”

Technology Folk Culture:

  • “Plants”- foro thread and medicine.
  • “Rock” – for stability or strong tools.
  • “Bones”- for weapons.

Technology Pop Culture:

  • “Televisions”
  • “Laptops”

Beliefs Folk Culture

  • “Songs”
  • “Sunday Gatherings”

Beliefs Pop Culture:

  • “Sex Education”
  • “Sunday School”


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