Canadian Culture


Folk- Maple syrup and fiddleheads (new sprouts of woodland ferns)

Pop- Ketchup chips and coffee crisp

Coffee-Crisp-ketchup chips


folk- (comes from European origin) Irish-Canadian music, Cape Brenton fiddling. “Good Friends” is a old painting by Ebenezer Birrell, a farmer from Ontario created in the 19th century(shown below).

good friends

pop- A popular piece of art in Canada is Michele Provost’s “It’s only rock and roll”. Justin Bieber was born in Ontario and could become the most successful Canadian singer of all time with 3 multi-platinum albums as a teenager.



folk- Ceinture flechee and Tuque

pop- Lululemon is a Canadian yoga-clothing brand. Coveteur is a popular clothing item in Canada.



folk- pit-houses and wooden longhouses

pop- CN tower in Toronto built in 1976 and Canadian museum of civilization built in 1989.

CN tower


folk- Compound Steam engine (1842) and electric car heater (1890)

pop- HTC smartphone is a popular phone in Canada. Canada is one of the largest video game industries in the world behind Japan and the US raking in $2 billion a year!

htc smartphone


folk- Canadian mythology believed in the Haida Myths of the Raven to explain the laws of nature. Storytelling was believed to be restricted to only long winter nights, if you told “fairytales” any other time, the Indians believed that a lizard would come and suck your blood.

pop- Canadians strongly believe in the respectful treatment of others. Most Canadians follow Christianity.


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