Norway’s Culture By: Emerald Pina

                       images                                             images-1

Norwegian Christmas Bread                                     Women in Bunad 

images-2                                               images-4

Norwegian Rosemaling                                     Homes with Grass Roofs

Folk Culture Pop Culture
Food* -Norwegian Christmas Bread -smorbrod (sandwhich)

-middag meal: fish served with boiled potatoes and vegetables

Art/Music -Musevisa (The Mouse Song)

-Sami music

-Husfliden (Norwegian Handcrafting)-

-Agnes Buen Garnas and Jan Garbarek

-Hardanger fiddler

-Farao (pop-music artist)

-Norwegian Rosemaling

Clothing -Bunad: worn for celebrations and special occasions (i.e. weddings) -Modern Western-style clothes (business, formal, and casual wear)
Shelter -Houses with grass on top of the roof. -Houses were red, blue, yellow, and white. They had steep slopes, made of wood, and small windows.
Technology -Aerosol Can

-Liquid Fuel Rockets




Beliefs -Trolls and Goblins

– Norse mythology

-Evangelical Luthern

-Roman Catholic Church


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