Pick a PED

Pick a PED: Japan

By: Christian Kasberger

PED: Japan

UN HDI Ranking: 17

Population: 127,140,000

Literacy Rate: 83.5%

% of female population with some secondary education: 87%

Dependency Ratio of Population: <15: 21.24%      >65+: 58%

IMR: 2 (per 1000 births)

life expectancy: 83.5 years old

rate of natural increase: -0.2%

% of Population ages 15-49 with HIV/AIDS: n/a

Net Migration: 0

Percent Urban: 92.61%

GNI (GDP) PPP per capita: $36,746.83

% of population living below $2 per day: n/a

% of GDP spent on education: 3.78%

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Traditional Japanese Food


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Overall I think that Japan is a very interesting country with a lot of people crowded in urban areas, something that surprised me was the dependency ratio, like I knew that Japan was declining in population but i didn’t know it was by that much.

Side note: n/a means that I could not find even if I looked on other sites.


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