Ped: Germany

Name: Germany

Rank: 6

Population: 82.73 millionimage

imageLiteracy Rate: N/A

Females with a secondary education: 96.2%

Dependency Ration: <15 = 19.73%.  >65 = 32.69%

Infant Mortality Rate: 3/100 Births

Life Expectancy at Birth: 80.74 years

rate of Naturak Increase: -0.02

Percent of population infected with AIDS: N/A

Net Migration: 1.3

Percent of Urban Population: 74.18%

GDP: 43,048.68

Poverty Rate: N/A

Percent of GDP Spent on Education: 5.06%

Germany is actually one of the few countries that calculates as a Stage 5 country, with a rate of natural increase of -0.2. A very small part of the population exists on the dependency ratio and a majority of the entire population lives in urban area. Most of the population is working class age and can provide for the elderly and the children. They have mostly small families yet posses an infant mortality rate (IMR) lower than some states in America and a positive migration rate. In contrast to my PING, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Germany’s developed population is declining slowly.


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