Ping (Zimbabwe) and Ped (Poland)

Name of Ping: Zimbabwe

Ranking (UN HDI) Current Year: 156

Population: 14.15 million

Literacy Rate: 83.6%

Gender : Female Population with at least some secondary education : 48.8%

Dependency Ratio of Population : <15 = 66.85%; >65+ = 6.66%

Life Expectancy: 59.87

Infant Mortality Rate: 56 (per 1000 live births)

Rate of Natural Increase  3.1%

% of Population Ages 15-49 with HIV / AIDS: 14.7%

Net Migration: 5.7%

Percent Urban: 39.58%

GDP per Capita: $1,307.41

Percent of Population living below $2 per Day: 87.1%

% of GDP Spent On Education: 2.5%


Name of PED: Poland

Ranking (UN HDI) Current Year: 35

Population: 38.22 million

Literacy Rate: 99.7%

Gender Female Population with at least some secondary education: 79.42%

Dependency Ratio of Population: <15= 21.74%;  >65+= 22.03%

Infant Mortality Rate: 4

Life Expectancy at Birth: 76.41

Rate of Natural Increase: 0%

% of Population Ages 15-49 with HIV/AIDS: N/A

Net Migration: -.2

Percent Urban: 60.74%

GNI (GDP) PPP per capita: $22,142.65

Poverty- Percent of Population below $2 US per day: N/A

% of GDP spent on Education: 5.17


In conclusion, my ping and ped are very different. For starters, Poland (my ped)  has over double Zimbabwe’s (my ping) population. There is also a huge difference in the percentage of women with some secondary schooling, Poland having 79.43% and Zimbabwe having 48.8%. Another obvious difference is the infant mortality rate. Zimbabwe has a rate of 56, which is 14 times more than Poland with a rate of 4. Poland has a natural increase of 0% and Zimbabwe has a 3.2% natural increase.  Although they have a lot of differences, they both have high literacy rates with 83.6% (Zimbabwe) and 99.7% (Poland). Comparing these two countries, I can see how all the factors weigh in to determine the ranking of the country and how that translates to the development of the country.


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