Ping (Sudan) vs Ped (USA)



Literacy Rate: 71.9%

Female Pop with secondary education: 12.8%

Dependence Ratio of Population: Under 15 – 72.06%     Older than 65 – 12.8%

Infant Mortality Rate(Per 1000 births): 49

Life expectancy at Birth: 62.06 years

Rate of Natural Increase: CBR=30   CDR= 8  RNI=22

% of pop with HIV/AIDS 15 – 49: na

Net Migration (Per 1000): -4.3%

Percent Urban: na

GNI (GDP) PPP per Capita: $3,428.12

Percent of Pop. living below $2 a day: na

% of GDP spent on education na

Population: 37.96 Million


Ranking: 5

Population: 320.05 million

Literacy Rate: 99%

Female Pop. with secondary education: 95.14%

Dependency Ratio: Younger Than 15 – 29.41% Older Than 65 – 22.25%

Infant Mortality Rate: 6 (Per 1000)

Life Expectancy at Birth: 78.94%

Rate of Natural Increase: CBR=13 CDR=8 RNI=5

% of Pop 15 – 49 with HIV/AIDS: na

Net Migration: 3.1(Per 1000)

Percent Urban: na

GNI(GDP) PPP per Capita: $52,308.38

Percent of pop Living below $2 a day: na

% of GDP spent of education: 5.62%


Pictures: Sudan




Pictures: USA





In conclusion, it is obvious that these two countries are very different. First off, Sudan has a much younger population, where as the US has a population based around middle age. I know this because of the RNI. Sudan (22) USA (5). This also shows that Sudan has a largely growing population where as the US has a growing population, just much slower. In the US, it is easier to sustain a family which lets people have less babies. In Sudan, 49 infants out of 1000 live births will die. The life expectancy is also almost 20% shorter in Sudan. Parents will have more kids there so there will be a greater chance of a family continuing its generations. I was surprised that Sudan also has a literacy rate over 70%; I thought it would be lower then that. Another big difference is the economies between these two countries. The GNI (GDP) PPP per Capita is almost a  $50,000 dollar difference. This shows that Sudan doesn’t have much money which is one big reasons why it is ranked 166 in the world.


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