South Africa and Austria

South Africa is currently ranked as 118th by the Human Development Index with a population of 52.78 million. Citizens fifteen and older in South Africa have a 93 percent literacy rate, which is relatively impressive. 72.75 percent of women have some secondary education, while around 75 percent of all men have secondary education. South Africa has a 51 percent dependency ratio for citizens under 15, while citizens over 15 have a 59 percent dependency ratio. The infant mortality rate is 33 deaths per 1000 live births, with a life expectancy of only 57. The crude birth rate in South Africa is 21, and the crude death rate is 13, making the rate of natural increase .8% per year. Almost 18% of the South African population ages 15-49 is infected with HIV/AIDS. The net migration rate is -.04%. In South Africa, the 62.88% of the population is urban. The GNI is 11,787 US dollars. Almost 20% of South Africa’s population lives on less than 2 US dollars a day. The South African government spends a mere 5.98% on education annually.

Austria is ranked at the 21st most developed nation by the Human Development Index. The population there is 8.5 million. Austrians fifteen and older have a 98% literacy rate. 100% of Austrian women have received some secondary schooling. Way to go, homeland! Children younger than 15 exhibit a 21.57 dependency ratio, while the elderly have a slightly higher 27.88 dependency ratio. There is an infant mortality rate of 3 out of 1000 annually in Austria. Average life expectancy in Austria is about 81 years. The crude birth and death rates are both nine, yielding a rate of natural increase of 0%. .3% of 15-49 year olds in Austria are infected with HIV/AIDS. The net migration of Austria is 3.5 per 1000, which hopefully makes up for the lack of natural increase. 68% of Austria is urban. The GNI of Austria is 42,929 US dollars. Austria spends 5.98% of GDP on education. 6.2% of Austria lives on 2 US dollars a day.



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