Kaiden-Leigh Cloete “PED” and “PING” Countries


Name of PING Namibia   
Ranking (UN HDI) Current Year (_of 192) 127
Population 2.3 million
Literacy Rate 76.5
Gender: Female Population with at least some secondary education 33
Dependency Ratio of Population <15 _57.04%                       


Infant Mortality Rate 39
Life Expectancy at birth 64.48
Rate of Natural Increase 0.98%
% of Population Ages

15-49 with HIV/AIDS

Net Migration -0.3%
Percent Urban 39.53%
GNI (GDP) PPP per capita 9,135.47
Poverty: Percent of Pop living below $2 US per Day 31.91%
%of GDP spent on education 8.37%


Name of PED Greece
Ranking (UN HDI) Current Year (_of 192) 29
Population 11.13 million
Literacy Rate 97.3%
Gender: Female Population with at least some secondary education 59.51
Dependency Ratio of Population <15 22.55                        


Infant Mortality Rate 4
Life Expectancy at birth 80.77
Rate of Natural Increase n.a
% of Population Ages

15-49 with HIV/AIDS

Net Migration 0.9
Percent Urban 61.91%
GNI (GDP) PPP per capita 24,657.99
Poverty: Percent of Pop living below $2 US per Day n.a
%of GDP spent on education 4.09%

In this assignment I learned that Greece and Namibia are two very opposite countries. One of the biggest differences in these countries is the population. In Namibia the population is 2.3 million, and in Greece the population is 11.13 million. This shows me that Greece does have a better economy as well as government. There is however a lower precent in Greece when it comes to then ” % of GDP spent on education. ” The precent in Greece that is spent on education is 4.09%. In Namibia the percentage is 8.37%. There are many more differences but those two were the ones that specifically grabbed my attention. I do believe that Greece is the most developed country compared to Namibia. One thing that shocked me to see was that the percentage of AIDS is unavailable and that Namibia is 13.3%.










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