APHUG ping: Guatemala

Guatemala statistics

By: Christian Kasberger

                   Hello, I am Christian and the developing country I am “pinging” is Guatemala which is ranked 125 on the Human Development Scale. It has a small population of 15,468,203 people Guatemala also has an ok literacy rate of 75.9%, the nations females percentage which have had some secondary education come in at a whopping 21.89%. The dependency ratio of the population is (0-14 years) 71.27% while (65+ years) is at 8.38%, the IMR (Infant Mortality Rate) is 27 babies out of 1,000 will die also the life expectancy after birth is approximately 72.1 years while the rate of natural  increase is 22.36%. Guatemala also has a very low percent of population (ages 15-49) with HIV/AIDS which weighs in at 0.7%. One sort of funny thing about Guatemala is that the net migration is -1, meaning there are more people moving out of the country than there are coming in. Most people (barely) in Guatemala live in urban areas the percent of them is 50.68%. The average amount of money people make in Guatemala racks up to about $6,865.97 not a lot when you compare it to the United States $50,302.56. There is a very low percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) spent on education which is 2.8%

(No data available on what % of people living under $2 per day)

Featured image

Traditional Guatemalan Christmas food

Featured image

The Guatemalan countyside


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