AP Human Geography “Map Head”


My name is Keshav Dhamanwala, I attend the Lake Travis independent school district(ltisd) and am a 9th grader. I grew up in Austin, TX, and have been here all my life, but was born in Dallas, TX. My genetic background is that am half Indian and half American, but because of these too very different conversing cultures and languages that influenced my childhood I could never learn the first language that my father spoke Hindi; however my father did try to teach me the language to the point I could understand it but not fully grasp it because of the confusion I gained from my mother speaking English, which started to build speech problems that I still have today, so my father was forced to stop speaking in Hindi to prevent me from falling behind in school other problems.  Being multi-cultured however does have it’s pro’s, for an example most of my relatives on my dad side live in India…

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2 thoughts on “AP Human Geography “Map Head”

  1. Awesome post! I loved your intro especially and how you went very in-depth of your background of yourself and how you explained how it was hard to grow up surrounded by two totally different cultures.


  2. Keshav, this was a fascinating post that I was really able to connect to. I am also of Indian descent, and I have also tried to learn Hindi. My relatives on my mother’s side of the family live in India as well, although I have never been. It sounds very cool! Very good post!


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