summer reading “test”

Maphead review

By:Christian Kasberger

Hi, My name is Christian Kasberger. (if you didn’t already look at the title) I’m 14 years old. I like to read, play chess, swim, and ride my bike.

I’ve been to quite a few places including; Mexico, Italy, Turkey, England, France, Norway, Greece, The Netherlands, and most of the fifty states. My personal favorites out of all the places listed are Italy, England, and Greece.DSC_3813

picture of Big Ben

That picture is one of my favorite pictures of the whole time we were on our 3 week trip (Turkey, Netherlands, Greece, Norway, England, and France) in London,England.

     The chapter I’m reviewing is chapter nine which is about road-geeks. Which are basically a group of people that know almost everything about roads and their flaws,weirdnesses,and history; like this quote “That bridge we just crossed was built in 1928. It was widened ten years ago, but the plaque is still stamped with the original date.” or “That bridge that we’re going under now has the old Milwaukee Railroad logo, did you see that?” Road-geeks literally notice everything about the road the signs the bridges even if the font changes on an interstate highway sign they will notice it.Some road-geeks take pictures of every mile-marker they pass and store them all in a shoe box under their bed.

      There are also some extremist road-geeks that will do anything to make the signs that are incorrectly labeled into correctly labeled signs, in the book it says this guy named Richard Ankrom who made an exact replica of a sign that was improperly labeled over the I-5 Pasadena free way he even counterfeited a work permit just in case anyone did get suspicious. Nobody even noticed the change for nine months! Then the city left it up for eight more years until putting up an official one!

  I liked this chapter because my family likes to take ALOT of randomly timed road trips, I wouldn’t say that my parents are road geeks but they do like to drag us along to see something that they think we will find interesting.


2 thoughts on “summer reading “test”

  1. l had totally forgotten the story about Richard Ankrom. Thanks for reminding me. lt still makes me laugh to think that no one noticed it for 9 MONTHS! And then they just left it there. It is good to know sometimes that there are the road geeks and “topophiles” there to correct us and keep the little things running straight. Do you find yourself being a bit of a road geek, looking out for the history and mistakes along the many paths you’ve traveled?


  2. I think that its weird and funny how they left the sign up for eight years before finally getting a new one. This was definitely one of my favorite chapters, and I really loved reading about the road geeks. Do you thing you could ever be the kind of person to point out the flaws and slight imperfections of roads?


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