Reagan McFarland – Chapter 12 Maphead summary


My name is Reagan M, I am a freshman in high school. As a human geography student and a human being, it might seem weird that I haven’t been outside of the united states before. And even then, I have only been to 4 states; Oregon, Texas, Colorado, and Florida. Due to this, I do not speak any foreign languages and I have lived in Texas for 6 years.

Anyway, chapter 12 of Maphead starts off with the author, Ken, talking to Roger on the phone and asks, “Did you know that you have an integer confluence at the end of your driveway?” (P. 237). Ken goes on saying how in 1996, Alex Jarrett, found out that confluence is a, “Mathematical perfection of that line of longitude–seventy-two degrees west, no minutes, no seconds..”(P.237). For the next couple of pages, he talks about confluence hunting, and how there is no spot on Earth that is more than forty-nine miles away from on of these spots of cartographic perfection. As the chapter continues, Ken also talks about how in Auckland, New Zealand, two Canadian brothers made the first ever ‘Earth Sandwhich’ by placing half of a banquette on either side of the Earth. At the end of the chapter, Ken is putting his son to bed. The son asks, “Are you almost done with your map book?”(P. 248). As Ken responds that he is almost done, his son says, “You can put my map in your book if you want. I drew it today.” (P.248). Ken gets very excited and seems very proud and happy that his son might like maps someday and maybe the “Map Gene” lives after all.

Chapter 12 of Maphead is personally my favorite. This is because the author, Ken Jennings, links all of the topics and ideas in the book together perfectly. Although it is a very short chapter, ~12 pages, it has a lot of work put into it. You can tell this by how its very hard to summarize these 12 pages when he has so many things going on. But, somehow Ken Jennings makes them transition beautifully. Also, the imagery created when he was describing his son’s description of his map made me visualize the exact picture of the map



5 thoughts on “Reagan McFarland – Chapter 12 Maphead summary

  1. In your post I like how you not only described the chapter in question, but also how Jennings links the book whole book together with this chapter. If I had one question about you post it would be that you said you have visited few states and never left the country, is this because you/ your family does not travel, or do you just not like travelling.


  2. Ha! Your intro was hilarious, and I’m sure you will get to travel the entire world some day. What language are you taking to fulfill yout graduation requirement? Your summary was concise, and highlited my personal favorites of Chapter 12, especially the Earth sandwich. I agree; although Jennings’ thoughts are scattered in this book, he illustrates their connection in an abstract, highly intriguing manner. Great insight, can’t wait to work with you this year!


  3. I really like the way you simply summed up the entire chapter. You summarized it very effectively and really put together. I felt like Jennings really brought the whole book together with this chapter and it really helped me to fully understand this chapter. One question I have for you is: Do you think you have the maphead gene within you?


  4. I really like how well you summarized chapter 12, having it include so much detail. I personally enjoyed reading this chapter. If you were to choose a state that you haven’t traveled to in the United States where would it be?


  5. I like the way you were open minded enough to consider the context and the detail of the of the chapter. You highlighted the idea that geography plays a part in everyday life, even the crazy parts no one has heard of! What else do you think could be apart all this?


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